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MNU_0010C - Create Security Class


This will allow the system administrator to add a new entry to the MNU-SECURITY table.

info_symbol.gif Initial values may be defined using screen MNU_0080M.

Class ID Required, must be unique.
Description Required, free form.
Global Access Yes or No. If YES then this class has automatic access to every Transaction within the system without the need for any entries on the MNU-TRAN-ACCESS table.
Starting Transaction Required. Must be an existing entry on the MNU_TRAN table (need not be a menu). Identifies the first Transaction to be selected after a User belonging to this Security Class passes through the logon screen.
Allow Debug? Allows activation of the online Debugger. Choices are:
  • Not allowed
  • Allowed, but requires password
  • Allowed


Store Update the database; clear the screen ready for new input.
OK Update the database and return to the parent form.
Cancel Exit without updating the database.