Here are some articles on XML and XSL which you may find useful:

Download/Source details
1 Using XSL and XML to generate dynamic web pages from UNIFACE
2 Generating dynamic web pages using XSL and XML
(amended 3rd June 2006)
3 Generating a tree view using XSL and XML
(amended 26th August 2004) (12KB)
4 Using PHP 4's DOM XML functions to create XML files from SQL data
(amended 22nd August 2004)
5 Using PHP 4's Sablotron extension to perform XSL Transformations
(amended 22nd August 2004)
6 Producing a two-column, side-by-side view with XSL
7 Reusable XSL Stylesheets and Templates
(amended 3rd June 2006)
8 Using PHP 5's DOM functions to create XML files from SQL data
9 Using PHP 5's XSL functions to perform XSL Transformations
10 Performing client-side XSL transformations
(amended 21st June 2006)